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Family Office

Our primary focus is to provide bespoke financial solutions tailored to the unique needs and goals of each client. We pride ourselves on offering an intimate service of the highest quality, where clients can expect personalized attention from a dedicated team of experts. 

In addition, we believe in working with the best-in-class advisors worldwide to offer clients access to a wide range of specialized services and expertise. By partnering with leading experts across different territories and disciplines, we can provide clients with a holistic approach to wealth management that goes beyond traditional investment strategies:


Wealth Management

Through a thorough analysis of the client's financial situation, investment portfolio, liquidity needs and goals, we can tailor investment strategies and asset allocation to match the client's unique needs and objectives. Our leadership has created a unique onboarding process for each new client that explores the business activities, existing portfolio and the funds allocation, understand the investment horizon, liquidity and risk/reward profile and creates a short and long term plan to fit the clients’ financial goals and targets

Portfolio Cost Structure

By analyzing the client's portfolio and investment strategy and centralizing the investment and aggregating data from all sources (local and foreign bank accounts, investments accounts, savings accounts pension and provident accounts) and the alternative portfolio, the team can identify areas where costs can be reduced without compromising returns. This can result in significant savings for the client over time

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Working many years with various clients across age groups and advising families through this journey of wealth transfer we will create a seamless and fruitful process that will allow the client to ensure that their wealth is transferred according to their wishes in parallel with creating an efficient tax structure and reducing costs. This may involve creating trusts, establishing philanthropic foundations, or developing a family governance structure. Our presence in the process will enable the process to be professional, quick, unbiased and family friendly

Alternative Investments

Investing in alternative assets calls for true professionalism. With emerging managers and asset classes it gets more and more difficult cherry picking and finding the suitable and trustworthy solution for the client. After being part of the industry for many years we have built both an extensive network with all the leading managers, deep understanding of the products out there and a unique due diligence process for each manager or product we onboard. Together with the client we will build the optimized alternative portfolio to match the needs, expectations, and existing portfolio to perfect the risk/return profile while minimizing volatility on the portfolio level

Global Tax Structuring and Optimization

By understanding the complex tax laws and regulations in different countries and using our global network of experts, the team can offer tax optimization services to our clients through a combination of sophisticated strategies. By Developing tax-efficient structures and using trusts and estate planning, charitable donations, retirement planning, business succession planning and more, we are able to optimize the tax structure together with the investment strategy to achieve the clients’ financial goals

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